Acid Washed Brown Fused Alumina

- Dec 05, 2018-

Acid Washed Brown Fused Alumina

The acid wash process is added in the traditional brown fused alumina production to remove impurities such as iron, unreacted metals, metal oxides. Most of manufacturers are no longer produce these BFA series. According to the manufacturers, there are several reasons why the acid washed brow fused alumina is not widely recognized by the downstream users.

First, a large amount of dust will be generated and the air will be polluted in the acid washed process. With the increasing strict environmental protection and rectification, enterprises are restricted in production.

Second, the current state has introduced corresponding policies to restrict the sale of dangerous goods such as sulfuric acid, and the retail is tight. In addition, the purchaser needs to issue a corresponding license to carry out normal parching activities.

Third, the fraction series of brown fused alumina used in the refractory material is mostly low-grade products. At present, the acid washed brown fused alumina is mainly used for deep processing of the powder series products.


Fourth, the price of acid washed brown fused alumina is much higher than that of ordinary brown fused alumina, which is difficult to be accepted by end users.