Benefits of Brown Fused Alumina in Sandblasting

- Oct 16, 2019-

Benefits of Brown Fused Alumina in Sandblasting


  • High Hardness. The Mohs Hardness of Brown Fused Alumina is 9. BFA will last a long time, making it a very cost effective blasting media.

  • Recyclable abrasive grit. The using times depending on abrasive grit size and Al2O3 chemical content( generally coarse grade and high Al2O3 content can be used more times).

  • Environmental Friendly. Brown Fused Alumina is often used to blast structure residing over or next to bodies of water where contamination by the blasting media itself is a concern.

  • Brown Fused Alumina is safe and non toxic with very low silica levels (generally less than 1.5%). Low Dusting. Brown Fused alumina is a fast and clean blast media.