The Brief Introduction of Black Fused Alumina Applications

- May 23, 2018-

The Brief Introduction of Black Fused Alumina Applications

1. Grinding and Polishing Material

The coarse grain and fine powder black fused alumina was used in the sandblasting, grinding, polishing of  various stainless steel, general steel, bamboo, glass and other work-pieces, especially the surface treatment of stainless steel in the very begaining. Polishing stainless steel surface with black fused alumina is not easy to burn the surface of the workpiece. After polishing, the surface of the workpiece will be bright and uniform color of the stainless steel itself. While, white fused alumina and brown fused alumina are easy to burn the workpiece and make the surface color be dark. Black corundum is still widely used in the field of abrasive polishing.

2. Wear-Resistance Road or Wear-Resistance Floor

Black Fused Alumina, because of its good wear-resistant and anti-slip performance, is widely used in wear-resistant anti-slip roads, bridge decks and parking lots. Compared with silicon carbide, brown fused alumina and white fused alumina, black fused alumina has economical advantages. European countries, Hong Kong regions, and domestic economically developed regions have been used black fused alumina in wear resistance road and floors for nearly 10 years. Asphalt is used as a binder in foreign countries, and black alumina is used as the aggregate to flooring the pavement, bridge deck or floor surface.

3. Resin Bond Cutting Wheels and Grinding Wheels

In the past ten years,the world wild well known abrasives group Saint-Gobain has more than a dozen factories around the world, and many domestic large-scale resin bond abrasives plant mix 30%-50% black fused alumina in brown fused alumina or high temperate roasted brown fused alumina as composite abrasive which is widely used in the production of resin bond grinding wheel, resin cutting wheels, resin grinding sheet, resin super thin sheet and other abrasives. The use of composite abrasives can improve the sharpness of the cutting wheels and grinding wheels, improve the incision finish, make the operation of cutting machine more stably, and save raw material cost. It has been the main application field of black fused alumina.

If black fused alumina is used in making resin bond abrasives, usually on the basis of the original abrasive grain size, the coarse grain size of the original abrasive material is slightly reduced or not, and 30-50% of the black is used to replace one or more fine grain sizes, and add 5% black fused alumina of total abrasive grain, by doing so, the the surface roughness and durability of abrasive products will be improved.

4. Coated Abrasives

Saint-Gobain is the first company to use black fused alumina to making coated abrasives.The abrasive belts made of black fused alumina and brown fused alumina composite abrasives are superior to pure black fused alumina or pure brown fused alumina. Mixing brown fused alumina with black fused alumina in right proportion in coated abrasives will not only reducing the raw material coast but also makes the product performance more suitable for processing, so that the grinding effect will be better.