Brown Aluminium Oxide

- Jun 24, 2019-

Brown Aluminium Oxide is characterised by good toughness, high mechanical resistance and hardness (9 in Mohs scale). The microhardness of the material reaches about 1900kG/mm2. Specific gravity (density) equals 3,90+/-0,05 g/cm3. Bulk density depending on size equals 1,52-1,87 g/cm3. It has relatively high thermal conductivity and low thermal expansion. As regards electricity it is an insulator.


  • production of a broad range of abrasive tools, e.g. grinding wheels, abrasive segments, etc. that are designed for processing durable articles, above all for steel processing,

  • production of abrasive papers and clothes,

  • in fireproof and ceramic industry,

  • in sand-blast processing.