Brown fused Alumian Application

- May 18, 2018-

Brown fused Alumian Application 


1.It is used to make high grade refractorycastable, firebrick etc.

2.Sand blasting--moderate hardness, high packing density, no free silica, large density, good toughness, it is the ideal "environmental protection" type sandblasting materials.

3.Free is general domestic high grade abrasive material that is used in the field of image tube, optical glass, monocrystalline silicon, lens, glass, crystal glass, jade, etc.,

4.Resin grinder

5.Coated abrasives--It isthraw material of sandpaper and gauze production.

6.Functional filler-- It is mainly used for automobile brake parts, special tires, special building products, etc.

7.Filter media--Taking the granular sand as the bottom layer of the filter bed to purify drinking water or waste water.

8.Hydraulic cutting--It is applied to the cutting of oil (natural gas) pipelines, steel, etc., and is a novel, environment-friendly and safe cutting method.