Brown Fused Aluminum Oxide In Sandblasting Process

- Sep 26, 2018-

Brown Fused Aluminum Oxide In Sandblasting Process

Brown fused aluminum oxide, otherwise known as Brown Fused Alumina or BFA, is produced through an electric arc furnace process. Brown fused aluminum oxide is both a hard (Mohs hardness 9) and tough material with high strength, making it an excellent abrasive grain raw material for removing rust, mill scale, and surface contamination. The consistent particle size allows for a uniform surface finish and coverage.

Blasting Applications

  • Etching Metal

  • Paint Stripping

  • Prepping Surfaces for Coatings

  • Monument Etching

  • Cleaning Discoloration From Welding

  • Surface Prep for Metalizing and Welding

  • Preparation for Bonding


  • Highly Durable and Reusable

  • Long Lasting

  • Harder Than Most Blasting Media

  • Fast Cutting Action

  • Very Heavy to Light Etching on Multiple Types of Surface

  • Available in a Wide Variety of Mesh/Grit Sizes

  • Lighter Than Metallic Media With a Denser Blast Stream