Brown Fused Aluminum Oxide Refracotry Materials

- Feb 06, 2018-

Brown Fused Aluminum Oxide Refractory Material

Brown fused aluminum oxide refractory material is mainly used in metallurgical, building materials, chemical and other high-temperature industry. The early eighties of the last century, high-temperature industrial technology and equipment is behind overall, variety of refractory material is relatively single, the proportion of ordinary products is large,high-grade refractory products made of brown fused aluminum oxide is less, very few production of brown fused aluminum oxide is used for producing refractory material, only less than 10% of the total production of brown fused aluminum oxide.

With the late high-temperature industrial technology and technological upgrading of equipment, especially metallurgical industry, blast furnace, converter, ladle, continuous casting and other processes to implement new technologies to promote the variety of refractory structure adjustment, making brown fused aluminum oxide widely used in refractory industry, the percentage reached more than 60%. Brown fused aluminum oxide also play an import role in the adjustment of refractory industry structure.