Classification of Brown Fused Alumina

- Nov 23, 2018-

  • Calcined BFA:  Heating to 1050°C greatly improves the purity, toughness, strength, and wear-resistance of abrasives. Primary application: vitrified grinding wheels.

  • Blue-Fired BFA:  While turning grain-color dark blue, firing at 1350°C achieves far greater toughness and strength, much lower iron content, a very low coefficient of thermal expansion, and excellent hydrophilicity, all of which increase grinding performance and accuracy. Primary applications: coated abrasives (paper, cloth and belts) and heavy-duty grinding wheels.

  • Ceramic-Coated BFA:  Ceramic coating improves purity and hydrophilicity, reduces dust, and achieves grain surfaces that have greater toughness, strength, and roughness, and that are also more uniform in particle size. Primary applications: coated and bonded abrasives. 

  • Ceramic-Coated Blue-Fired BFA:  These grains deliver all of the advantages of both Ceramic-Coated and Blue-Fired BFA. Primary application: coated and bonded abrasives, especially those for use on hardened steel and other high-carbide materials.