Energy Saving Production of Brown Fused Alumina--2

- Feb 02, 2018-

 Energy Saving Production of Brown Fused Alumina--2

(1) improve the Al2O3 content in bauxite

The enrichment of Al2O3 in bauxite can be predicted that the bauxite ore used in the future brown fused alumina production will be 70% -75% of the aluminum oxide content. Using this raw material to produce brown fused alumina, the energy consumption of brown fused alumina abrasive is very high. Production enterprises have been basically unprofitable. To this end must be included in the bauxite Al2O3 enrichment, the Al2O3 content of about 95%. To achieve the purpose of enrichment of Al2O3 must be used physical or chemical methods to deal with the ore, which is a very complex process. After treatment, the cost of bauxite will increase by 15% -25% according to the current constant price. However, the energy consumption of brown fused alumina produced by treated bauxite will be greatly reduced.

(2) desilication treatment of bauxite

75% Al2O3 content of bauxite, the SiO2 content is more than 10%, high SiO2 content lead to increase the amount of reducing agent and clarifier in the smelting of brown fused alumina, which will cause the unit energy consumption Soaring, increasing production costs, in order to improve energy conservation, reduce silicon content of raw materials is also very important.

(3) Add the appropriate additives

Energy-saving production of brown fused alumina to be able to find a suitable for the use of brown fused alumina smelting additives, the purpose of two: one is smelting brown fused alumina additives can promote the material after the melting speed, smelting time to reduce production cycle to speed up , So that production capacity, unit energy consumption decreased. Second, due to the use of additives in the crystallization of brown fused alumina into the other elements, can make brown fused alumina modification effect, the hardness and toughness of brown fused alumina have different degrees of increase, to add a new member for the fused alumina family.

With environmental and resource issues getting more and more attention, any enterprises do not seeking innovation, stand still in the future will face enormous challenges. Not only brown fused alumina,Products such as black fused alumina, silicon carbide, emery, quartz sand, spodumene powder, explosion-proof fiber, iron powder, copper ore sand and metallurgical  coke are facing the primary task of adjusting production, taking sustainable development road of energy saving and emission reduction should be the primary strategic goal of enterprise.