Five Major Applications of Silicon Carbide

- May 09, 2018-

Five Major Applications of Silicon Carbide

Non-ferrous Metal Smelting Industry

Characteristic with high temperature resistance, high hardness, good thermal conductivity, good impact resistance, silicon carbide is wildly used in high temperature indirect heating materials, such as tank distillation distillation tower tray, aluminum electrolytic tank, copper melting furnace lining, zinc powder furnace with arc Board.


Steel Making Industry

Silicon carbide is used in large furnace lining to increase the service life because of its corrosion resistance, thermal shock resistance, good wear resistance, good thermal conductivity.


Metallurgical Mineral Processing Industry

 Silicon carbide id the second hardest material with strong wear resistance. It is an ideal material for wear-resisting pipelines, impellers, pump chambers, cyclones, and hopper linings. Its wear resistance is 5-20 times compare to iron and rubber. Silicon carbide is also wildly used in wear resistance floor.


Abrasive Grinding Wheel industry

Silicon carbide high purity, chemical stability, good crystal struction, high resistance, high hardness makes it a good material for grinding wheels.


Energy Saving 

With good heat conduction and thermal stability, silicon carbide is used as a heat exchanger which makes the fuel consumption reduced by 20%, and the fuel is saved by 35%, and the productivity is increased by 20-30%. The wear resistance of silicon carbide is 6-7 times that of ordinary wear-resistant materials.