How to Reduce the Wear of Brown Fused Alumina in Sandblasting Process

- Sep 18, 2019-

How to Reduce the Wear of Brown Fused Alumina in Sandblasting Process

In the sandblasting process, the choosing of blasting media depends on the material of work-pieces.

Sandblasting range: hardware rust removal, aluminum alloy sand blasting, glass sand blasting, plastic spray deburring, PC, PS surface treatment, resin surface treatment, casting workpiece sandblasting, zinc alloy sandblasting (rough surface), stainless steel sandblasting, stone material sandblasting, welding, shot blasting, and other accessories surface treatment.


1. Angle of Sandblasting

Many people believe that holding a sandblasting gun in 90 degrees on the surface will optimize the process of rust or decontamination of the workpiece surface. However, this will actually slows down the blasting process and makes the brown fused alumina media (abrasive sand) wear faster. The blasting gun should be positioned at a 30-45 degree angle to your surface to allow your abrasive to achieve the best results with less wear. Especially when you want to find a suitable effect, a multi-angle work test will be needed to find the balance.

2. The Distance in Sandblasting Process

In sandblasting process, closing to the surface of work pieces does not lead to better results, it will also wastes abrasive grit. The close distance will reduce the blasting area, increase blasting time, and easily crush the brown fused alumina abrasive media, reduce its lifetime.

The balance point between abrasive ware rate and speed rate need to be found. The distance should be kept in six to eight inches when use  hand controls the blasting system. While when using the direct blasting system,the distance should be 10 to 14 inches away.

Also keeping in mind that the closer to a thin work piece, the easier it is to deform them, no matter what sandblasting media you use.

3. The Choose of Blasting Media

The right proportion of abrasive media usage will optimizes the life of abrasive sand and the blasting effects. Using too much abrasive media will not get faster work, and the abrasive sand will also wear faster. Using too little will reduce the blasting efficiency and will not possible to achieve the expected affect. The abrasive media in the storage device should between 50% to 90%.