Synthetic Corundum Abrasive

- May 08, 2019-

Synthetic Corundum Abrasive 

The extreme hardness of corundum makes it especially useful as an abrasive. Crushed synthetic corundum is processed to remove impurities and then screened to produce in typical grit and fine powder. These girt and powder are widely used in grinding media, polishing compounds, abrasive paper, abrasive cloths, grinding wheels, sandblasting abrasive, and other abrasive applications.

Some problems with using natural corundum as an abrasive are that the deposits are usually small, irregular in shape, and the corundum is of variable quality. They are not reliable sources of consistent-quality material needed to run a manufacturing process. While, synthetic corundum, produced by the smelting of calcined bauxite in electric arc furnace, has become a more reliable source with more consistent properties. It can be crushed into sharp and round shape according to different applications. It has been widely used in most manufactured products.