The Density of Brown Fused Aluminum Oxide

- Jul 18, 2018-

The Density of Brown Fused Aluminum Oxide

There are two different expressions of density of brown fused aluminum oxide. There are bulk density and particle density.

1. Bulk Density of brown fused aluminum oxide: 1.53-2.10 kg/ m3 .

2. Particle Density of brown aluminum oxide: 3.95-4.0kg/ m3.

The bulk density of the abrasive is related to the abrasive grain size, particle size composition, variety, particle shape and other factors. In general, brown fused aluminum oxide coarse abrasive grain have a higher bulk density than fine grain, and mixed brown fused aluminum oxide abrasive grain have higher bulk density than the single particle grain size.

Currently, brown fused alumina can be divided into various size when refer to its applications, which including brown fused alumina sandblasting grit, metal derusting and polishing brown fused alumina grit, W series brown fused alumina micro powder, F Grain for resin bonded and ceramic bonded grinding wheels, P Grain for coated abrasives, refractory grade brown fused alumina.  

The bulk density of each type of brown fused alumina is definitely different. The specific values depend on the processing method including roller crushing, ball mill crushing, barmac crushing. (from low density to high)

For the brown fused alumina abrasive used in coated abrasives, the quality of the abrasive is mainly reflected in the two indexes of bulk density and toughness. Because these two indicators are related, if the bulk density is high, the toughness of the abrasive will also high, and the particle size composition is also concentrate.