The different characteristic of stable furnace and tilting furnace Brown aluminum oxide

- Jun 05, 2019-

The different characteristic of stable furnace  and tilting furnace Brown aluminum oxide

Usually, the stable furnace and tilting furnace are widely adopted. There are some difference in this two furnace BFA material.

The brown aluminum oxide smelted by the tilting furnace furnace is characterized by large crystallized volume, small crystal block size, high glass quality, so the relative Brittleness is improved to a certain extent but the toughness is low. This method of smelting brown aluminum oxide is suitable for use in vitrified abrasive tools, and refractory materials.


The brown aluminum oxide smelted in the stable furnace has small crystallized volume, large crystal block size, low glass quality. The brittleness is poor but the toughness is good, and the wear resistance is greatly improved. This method is suitable for the manufacture of resin abrasive tools.

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The characteristics of brown aluminum oxide is high purity, good crystal quality, and it is not easy to be broken, and the abrasive grade is improved. In usage, there will no explosion, no powdering, no cracking.

Brown aluminum oxide is mainly used as a refractory material for grinding wheels, sand blasting, and the like. Suitable for all kinds of common steel, general steel, smelting iron, etc. It can also be used to make high quality refractory materials. However, the different effects of different furnace brown aluminum oxide are also very different.