The Main Usage of Fused Aluminum Oxide

- Aug 28, 2019-

The Main Usage of Fused Aluminum Oxide

Fused aluminum oxide is mainly used for: 

  • Bonded abrasives: Bonded abrasives cover a wide variety of grinding and cutting wheels, segments, honing stones, etc. Due to the used bond system, bonded abrasives can be mainly classified into two different types: vitrified and resinoid. Vitrified products are fired at temperatures of up to 1.300°C whereas resinoid bonded wheels are cured at temperatures of below 200°C.

  • Coated abrasives: For coated abrasives, the abrasive grains are cemented (the bond is either synthetic resin or glue) to a paper, fibre or cloth backing. The grains are mainly applied by an electrostatic process to the backing to ensure the ideal position of the grains and a uniform distribution. The gravity method is of minor importance.

  • Pressure blasting: Fused aluminum oxide is a commonly used blasting media. Due to its relatively high price compared to other popular blasting media (e.g. slags or silica sand), it is mainly used in closed blasting systems where the grain can be used in several cycles or where chemical purity is important (e.g. the aircraft industry).

  • Refractories and ceramics for high-alumina monolithics and shaped refractory products: The main advantage of fused aluminum oxide compared to other high-alumina refractory raw materials is its higher resistance to mechanical and chemical corrosion.

  • Others: Fused aluminum oxide is used in several other applications where wear and tear resistance is required such as laminates and tiles, ceramic linings and concrete floors. Other applications of fused aluminum oxide are for lapping, surface finishing of glass and precision optics and micro blasting of silicon wafers.