The Usage Of Brown Fused Corundum in Sandblasting Grit

- Jun 20, 2018-

The Use Of Brown Fused Corundum in Sandblasting Grit

yannuo brown fused alumina.jpg

Brown Fused Corundum blasting grit can be reused for many times. The times of use BFA grit is related to the blasting workpieces, brown corundum  grain size, and corundum hardness. For example, brown fused corundum F24 mesh and F36 mesh in first grade can be used 8 times, secondary grade brown corundum can be used more than 6 times, and third grade corundum is used 4 times. Besides of the reuse times of brown fused corundum blasting grit, the different grade of BFA grit will also influence the dust content in sandblasting process. High quality brown fused corundum can be used to save cost and avoid dust in blasting.