Abrasive Hardness And Strength

- Mar 31, 2017-

Abrasive hardness
Abrasive of hardness refers to of is abrasive surface resistance local outside role of capacity, and abrasives (as oil stone) of hardness is is bond agent bond abrasive in by forces Shi of firm degree, it is abrasive of basic characteristics one of, grinding of processing is using abrasive and was Institute artifacts of hardness poor to achieved of, abrasive of hardness more high, it of cutting capacity more strong.

The strength of abrasive
Abrasive of strength refers to of is abrasive itself of firm degree, is Dang mill grain blade also quite sharp Shi, can bear plus pressure and not was broken of capacity, strength poor of abrasive, it of mill grain crushed of fast, cutting capacity low, using life short, this on requirements mill grain except has high of hardness outside, also should has enough of strength, to better to for grinding processing.