Activated Alumina Considerations

- Mar 31, 2017-

Activated alumina desiccant can maintain good performance at low dew point, good adsorption, proper transportation and storage the characteristics into full play.
1. transport and handling: activated alumina desiccant in the transport process, no drag hook, should prevent the mixed with hard materials, not a strong vibration, friction, stepped on, hit, no throwing, should travel light light relief to reduce the carbon particle crushing, impact use.
2. non-flooding: activated alumina desiccant is porous adsorbent material, so in the course of transport, storage and use, must absolutely prevent the flooding, due to flooding after water filled pore activity, reduce direct contact with gases with activated alumina surface, severely affect the results.
3. storage: should be stored in a cool and dry place to prevent rupture of internal and external packaging bags to prevent moisture and absorption of other substances in the air, affect the results. With no toxic gas or volatile substances mix, store away from sources of pollution.