Air Pollution Prevention Measures For Autumn And Winter Of 2019

- Sep 29, 2019-

                         Air pollution prevention measures for autumn and winter of 2019

In the latest days, an official instructional file circulates in the circle of abrasive producers, it reads:

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Abrasive grain industry, e.g. diamond producers, corundum producers, abrasive grain or powder producers (including refining or reworking enterprises),  Abrasive tools manufacturing enterprises (including manufacturing grinding wheels, cutting wheels, sandpaper, etc.), 

  • During the yellow warning period, 

The coal-based sintering abrasives are cut by 50% (inclusive) or more (in terms of production lines), and the use of national-grade-four-emission(below, abreviate as national 4) and below heavy-duty trucks (including gas) for material transportation is prohibited. 

  • During the orange warning period, 

The coal-based sintering abrasives will stop production; the enterprises that use natural gas and liquefied petroleum gas as fuel will limit production by 50% or more(based on the production line); the use of heavy duty cargo vehicles of the national 4 or below is prohibited(including gas comsuming vehicles) for material transportation. 

  • During the red warning period, 

The abrasives enterprises stopped production and transportation was prohibited.

Those operative records will be inspected if considered necessary,

  • Electricity consumption records, 

  • facility and operation records, 

  • raw material usage/inventory, 

  • truck transportation frequency,  

  • spot measure of operating vehicle emission.

Sanmenxia city has begun to limit production, similiar with last year, it will last to March next year.