Alumina And Bauxite Shortage Halt WFA&BFA Production In Henan

- Jul 25, 2018-

Alumina and Bauxite Shortage Halt WFA&BFA Production in Henan


Recently, most the bauxite plants are forced to halt production under environmental inspection in Henan, Shanxi Provice, which is two largest production bases of bauxite and aluminum oxide in China. The great shortage of bauxite has influenced the whole supply chain of corundum abrasive and refractory materials. Some plants even halt production due to the shortage of bauxite and tough environmental restriction. Also, the quality of bauxite is also not good which only has 82% 83% content of Alumina.

The shortages of alumina, the raw material for producing white aluminum oxide, forcing smelters to scramble for supplies and soaring up prices. Chalco has announce to raise 15USD per MT in alumina since last week.

It is unknown how long this shortage will last. Some researchers predict it will last until the end of August.