Brown Fused Alumina Face Severe Situation In Henan And Guizhou

- Aug 29, 2018-

Brown fused alumina face severe situation in Henan and Guizhou

Environmental protection action which focuses on industry pollution has been impacting the local calcined bauxite production since July, and many kilns are being removed and replaced by advanced and eco-friendly ones. Those who only bauxite for BFA production have to stop production line or constrict capacity because of bauxite shortage. Some brown fused alumina plants are reported to cease in production in Guizhou province affected by anti-pollution actions by local authority.

It is learned that brown fused alumina market faces great pressure in Henan province also, which is caused by production cost rising against bauxite production ceasing. At present, bauxite ore is still in production halting in main producing region in Henan.

There is no obvious price fluctuation until now as current market demand shows relatively depression in summer. BFA (Al2O395%) in Guizhou province is quoted CNY 200/t lower than that in Henan province at present, but the price is likely to go up if the current situation goes forward.