Brown Fused Alumina In Refractory Materials

- Nov 30, 2017-

Brown Fused Alumina in Refractory Materials

Corundum is made of high quality bauxite which is calcined at high temperature. Its toughness is higher than that of silicon carbide. It can be used as wear-resisting material for highway pavement, airplane runway, wear-resistant rubber, industrial floor, for grinding, polishing and sandblasting. Brown fused alumina is the indispensable raw materials for making grinding wheels, whetstone, emery cloth, etc. The development of brown fused aluminum oxide refractory materials promote the adjustment of varieties of refractories. A growing number of new refractories have been developed, and now brown corundum used for refractory has reached more than 60%, brown fused alumina played a very important role in refractory industry.

Application of Brown Fused Alumina in Refractory Materials Ⅰ

Manufacture advanced refractory products. The brown corundum can be used for making Al2O3 - SiO2 refractory products. The product is made from high alumina bauxite and added with a certain amount of corundum 1550 ~ 1600 ℃. Products with high-load softening point, low-temperature creep rate.

Application of Brown Fused Alumina in Refractory Materials Ⅱ

Brown fused alumina powder can be used for preparing mulite - high silica glass material. The preparation method of the mullite-high silica glass material is that the brown corundum mine is crushed and beneficiated to obtain the brown corundum concentrate powder, and then the ultrafine grinding is made into a micron-sized powder (abbreviated as micropowder) The brown fsued alumina powder is mixed with the binder, pressed and molded and then fired at 1,150 to 1,300 C to obtain a mullite-high silica glass material, which may be a straightforward product (such as refractory bricks, porcelain kiln ware and chinaware Devices, etc.), can also be used as clinker.

Application of Brown Fused Alumina in Refractory Materials Ⅲ

Brown Fused Alumina can be used to make a kind of low thermal conductivity parameters, high-temperature furnace lining high-quality refractory materials. It is characterized by the use of mullite as the main crystal phase and the calcium feldspar as the conclusion phase. The important chemical components are Al2O3 54.0 ~ 57.0wt.%, SiO2 40.0 ~ 43.0 Wt.% Of CaO, 1.0 to 2.0 wt.% Of CaO, 0.1 to 1.0 wt.% Of Fe2O3, and 0.1 to 0.7 wt.% Of other impurities, all of which have an accuracy of 0.088 mm or less.The material maintains the low thermal conductivity and low bulk density of the calcium feldspar lightweight refractory bricks, and also makes the intensity and temperature of the refractory bricks remarkably transferable. The refractory lining of the aluminosilicate refractory fiber can be used instead of carcinogenic.