Brown Fused Alumina – Production Process

- Aug 01, 2018-

Brown Fused Alumina – Production Process

1. Fusing Bauxite with iron and carbon in proper proportion

2. After fusing process, the BFA needs to cool down.

3. Separating different grade BFA in the bottom, middle and top of smelting furnace by experienced workers, then get the BFA lumps.

4. Crushing BFA lumps

5. Sieving BFA into different grain size

6. Dedusting BFA grain or roasted in high temperature according to different clients request.

7. Well packed

The production process and the production techniques can differ. These depend on the quality requirements issued by customers. The production can be different in the listed process.

Furnace process

We adopt two different furnace process,stable furnace and tilting furnace. Compared with stable furnace BFA, the tilting furnace has higher Al2o3 content, higher Tio2 content and low Sio2 content. Tilting furnace is batter for making vitrified grinding wheels.

Crush process

Customers may prefer different grit shape with correlated with the grit bulk density. It depends the usage of BFA grain in sandblasting process, making grinding wheels and abrasive cloth, etc. A combination of sharp and block grains is also possible. For satisfying clients different request, we can finish crushing process in our Ball mill, mill roller and Bamarc machine.

Sieving process

Clients from worldwide may have different sieving standards. We are available to sieve based on FEPA, ASTM, JIS and China GB standard. In addition, we are also on the position to sieve according to clients special requirements.

Dedusting process

It is inevitable to produce dust while crushing, especially some of grain need to be crushed several times. The dust in brown fused alumina grain will affect its performance and indicators.Usually, micro size need to do the dedusting process. There are three ways are manly adopted to get ride of the dust.

A. Dry Wash

In the sieving or magnetic separation process, the dust can removed through the use of wind blowing equipment. This method has the advantages of low cost and high efficiency. However, it is only suitable for the coarse grain.

B. Water Wash

Ensure the BFA materials be immersed into the dedusting pool, and then keep drying by the drying machine, or natural drying. This method can effectively get rid of the dust, as well as the impurities. But, the quantity will reduce.

C. Acid Wash:

Immerse BFA grain into the sulfuric acid pool, then water washed. By doing this, the BFA performance can be improved which ensure a better grinding ability and chemical stability. However, this method is costly and has bad impact on the environment. It is only suitable for micro powder.