Brown Fused Corundum Supply In August

- Aug 22, 2018-

Brown Fused Corundum Supply in August

Recently, more and more synthetic brown fused corundum production enterprises in Henan and Shanxi Province have been forced to shutdown production due to the shortage supply of bauxite. Although the demand in the downstream market is sluggish, in view of the shortage of bauxite raw materials and the rising production costs and the environmental inspection pressure faced by enterprises themselves, most of them are reluctant to reduce the price and their willingness to increase prices will continue to be strong, and the price of brown fused corundum will continue to rise.

This week, the 85% min 0-30mm calcined bauxite in Shanxi Province ex-factory price is about 1750-1800 yuan / ton. Some mines in Guizhou stopped mining, and all the shaft kiln bauxite was shut down for rectification. The local ex-factory price of 88% min 0-30mm excluding tax is about 2050-2100 yuan / ton, and the supply of local bauxite is increasingly scarce.