By Aug, The Price Fluctuation In 2018, Of 3 Conventional Abrasives

- Sep 06, 2018-

Silicon Carbide

In the major production area, the intensified environmental inspection led to the overhaul of kilns to meet new emission standards. It cushioned the Silicon Carbide price sliding, compared with the July, the price of Silicon Carbide slightly rise by $29.

On average, 98% SiC  FOB Tianjin, vat. inclusive,  $1150.

White Alumina

Nationwide, the raw Aluminum Oxide price rose $45 compared with July, partially because some suppliers reduce their output. It effectively narrowed the margin between the raw materials and products, leave the abrasive industry non-profitable.

The manufacturers have to reduce the production accordingly to bolster the product price gradually. However, upon the weak need and supply chain globalization, a higher price of products has no practical basis.

On average, 99% WA FOB Tianjin, vat. inclusive, $870

Brown fused alumina

A new round of environmental inspection conducted in the Fen-Wei flatland has practically made insufficient bauxites supply worse, some BFA manufacturers are experiencing a shortage of calcined bauxites. Comparing with the weak need, the extremely low inventory worries them more: without certain inventories, will certainly jeopardize long-term clients relationship.

3 conventional abrasives price fluctuation