China Abrasive Material For Feb-March: Revovering Supply Chain

- Apr 08, 2020-

China Abrasive Material for Feb-March: Revovering Supply Chain

2020 started with an unfavorable beginning to Chinese suppliers of Abrasive Materials supply.

1) global demand keeps decreasing; 

2) peak hour production restriction in heating season remains; 

3) the coronavirus infection disrupts the supply chain temporarily. 

Most production facilities and plants have kept stoppage from the mid of January to the mid of March, because of Spring Festival holiday and the Coronavirus. Transportation and delivery have become the key problem in February. Calcined bauxite became more severe in supply shortage; brown fused alumina, white fused alumina, silicon carbide and industrial alumina faced no significant fluctuation in price although the delivery became impossible in Feb. 

However, from March, with the traffic control loosening, provincial transportation for industrial purpose has generally turned to be available and the production operation rate reached up to 80%, the price abrasive materials, brown aluminum oxide, white aluminum oxide, silicon carbide going steady. However, with the increasing cases in worldwide, the international market demanding for abrasive materials is reducing and the shipping schedual is decreasing. The local producer have to adjust price in a lower level to receive order from buyer.