China Firmly Carries Out Environmental Measures

- May 28, 2018-

Abrasives and refractories industry in centre China province is facing the most harsh situation in the first half year of 2018, they have to halt the plant frequently to contribute to air improvement. Unlike the past years, the well known 'environmenal protection movement' or 'environmental protection storm' just rolled out in half a month or less in the winter or Chinese new year, this year, it seemed to continuously extend on from very beginning. 

It is unprecedented phenomena.

To repsonse the call for 'more blue sky and green water' from president Xi, the local government regard the calling as a priority. 

Alumina abrasives market has witnessed a  $100 leap since last winter, probably, it is a sign of turn point in supplying. Anticipation that deduction of producibility combined with tightened regulation, and decline of bauxite quality, will inevitably lead to pricing escalation. 

Brown Fused Alumina is a widely used, highly cost effective material in machining, meaningwhile, It is the exact kind of industry felling into the swirl of environmental protection: high energy comsumption, high carbon emission,  draws great attention from local government.

Another obvious disavantage is that, such kind of industry are mostly private, having no influence on policies or regulations.