China Shut Kilns For Calcined Bauxite In Major Production Area

- Aug 24, 2018-

China supplies more the 80 percent abrasive grade bauxite. In such a dominating stance, domestic policies' fluctuation against bauxite manufacturers, inevitably has a worldwide output.

Seemingly every that October to next February, Many conventional manufacturers experience production restraining, to contribute to improving the concentration of atmospheric pollutants.

However, since the last winter, for the kilns situating in the major production area--Fenwei flatland, may not be able to resume their kilns in next couple of years. They also could not reignite the kilns at night stealthily, due to many sensors were installed to monitor the situation remotely. Once got caught, severe penalties would be following. 

Analysts predict the price of bauxite may not has a significant fluctuation due to the discretion raised by the trade dispute. however, once the tension eased, the price will surge, and the fluctuation will be conducted to downstream sectors, like abrasives,  the machinery, and automobiles.