Development Of Alumina

- Mar 31, 2017-

According to the China aluminum industry production and sales of 2013-2017 requirement and investment analysis report data show China is the world's largest producer of alumina, 2010 global alumina production to 56.355 million tons, China's alumina output reached 28.955 million tons, an increase of 20.14% per cent of the global 51.38% of the 2010 China's apparent consumption of alumina was 33.21 million tonnes, an annual growth rate of 14.05%, a net importer of 4.26 million tonnes, Import volume of 30.19 million tons of bauxite, dependence on foreign 39.71%, alumina external dependence of 47.26%.
As China's electrolytic aluminum, ceramics, pharmaceuticals, electronics, machinery, such as the rapid development of the industry, market growth in aluminum demand is still a big, aluminum production will continue to increase, combined with the 2005-2010 China's alumina production data, 2011 China's alumina production is expected to reach 33 million tons, an increase of 14%, 2012 will continue in 2011 on the basis of growth, production will exceed 38 million tons.