Development Trend Of China Brown Corundum/Emery Abrasive&Refractories Industry

- Jan 02, 2019-

Development Trend of China Corundum/Emery  Abrasive&Refractories Industry


In recent two years, environmental inspection has already be one of the previous issue of China government, environmental inspectors and backward-looking operations have been launched many times in broad areas. Corundum/Emery Refractory and abrasive industry, as a very serious pollution emission industry, is the key governance object. And a series of relevant standards were published by national or province government.

Concern the effect like Corundum/Emery plant shut down, price rise, shortage, environmental protection equipment online, restoring production etc. This is helpful for the Corundum/Emery whole industry, eliminate backward production capacity and shut down some low quality firms, leave more market place to outstanding Corundum/Emery  enterprises. The efficient utilization and recycling of resources, clean production is the future development direction.