Factors Which Decides Quality Of Brown Fused Aluminium Oxide

- Aug 17, 2018-

Factors which decides quality of Brown Fused Aluminium Oxide

1, Chemical Content
Chemical content,especially content of Al2O3 and TiO2 decides hardness and strength. The higher Al2O3 is, the harder and the higher temperature it can resist. A grade material usually contains about 95% Al2O3, and some customers also use 90%, 80% etc material to reduce cost. Because of its hardness and strength, A grade material can be reused more times.

2, Sizes
Brown Fused Aluminium Oxide are made usually according to FEPA standard for blasting purpose. FEPA standard defines certain sieve distribution which decide the particles falling into each section of certain diameter range. So it is also called particle distribution. Micro grits like F220,F400 etc are usually for polishing or precision blasting, while macro grits are for general blasting purpose. Mostly used sizes are F24,F46,F60 etc and they can be reused with certain loss and change on sieve distribution.

3, Dust contained
During production, Brown Fused Aluminum Oxide are mixed with dust. Dust will contaminate the surfaces prepared and less times used. It also cause harm to the workers performing blasting job and even explosion in some cases. So during production, we use certain equipments to eliminate dust. In some cases, use acid or water to clean the materials and dry it before packing into bags.