Fused Alumina Factories Resume

- Apr 07, 2020-


-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------Apr 7,2020,[Yannuo]

With the significantly decreasing of the infected cased in mainland China, local authorities are loosening the once stern measures allowing enterprises to orderly resume its business through step by step review of its vulnerability against infection.

Many fused alumina manufacturers have long submitted their application for resumption, however, the requirements to equip employees with personal protective equipment and sanitizers for working venues for a daily base, have the whole resumption lagged for weeks due to the scarcity of supplies. The manpower shortage is also an outstanding problem for traditional manufactures such as fused alumina industry, even the restrictions are gradually set off, workers hardly are available timely. 

It is hard for manufacturers to go back to where they were before the coronavirus epidemic, the supply chain has been disrupted, coordination has been broken, planning has become uncertain. There will be a procedure and a while, for every party to harmonize again.

Manufacturers will become more familiar with their business as used to be, soon.