Henan Bauxite And Brown Fused Alumina In Apr. 2019

- May 08, 2019-

Henan Bauxite and Brown Fused Alumina in Apr. 2019

In Henan -  As a matter of fact, calcined bauxite producers in Henan province are announced to put back on production in April, but the price late is likely to stabilize.

The producers in Henan re gradually resuming production at the moment, and it is predicted that calcined bauxite supply, low-medium-grade calcined bauxite in particularly, expects a rapid increase. From the perspective of the price, current market is stable. But high grade keeps insufficient in the market and the surging price is likely to continue. In a word, though calcined bauxite production witnesses visible recovery, the brown fused alumina price remains high. 

As an important source of raw material of brown fused alumina, the high price of raw material cause higher production cost of brown fused alumina.       

Moreover, a new round of environmental protection upgrade is expected to expanding in Henan, aiming at installing online inspection system to each calcined bauxite and brown fused alumina smelting plants. More production stoppage is likely happen to producers in Henan before the end of May.