Industrial Application Of Brown Fused Alumina

- Mar 16, 2018-

The industrial application of brown fused alumina is wide:

1. Sand Blasting

As abrasives, brown fused alumina is moderate in hardness, high in bulk density and tenacity, and does not contain any dissociative, so it is the most ideal material for environmental sand blasting. It is widely used in aluminum profile and copper profile glass, water-washed jeans, precision mould, etc.

2. Free Grinding

Grinding abrasives are used in kinescope, optical glass, mono crystalline silicon, lens, crystal glass, jadeware, etc. Brown fused alumina is universally used as superior grinding material.

3. Resin-bonded Abrasive Products

The proper color, hardness, and toughness have guaranteed the ideal effect of brown fused alumina to be applied in resin-bonded abrasive products.

4. Coated Abrasive Products

Brown fused alumina is the raw material of abrasive paper and abrasive cloth.

5. Brown Fused Alumina Functional Stuffing

 Brown Fused Alumina Functional Stuffing is mainly used in auto brake components, special tires, special building products, construction of expressways, runways, wharfs, parking lots, sports ground, etc.

6. Water Jet Cutting

Brown fused alumina abrasive is used as a cutting medium to cut based on high pressure water jet. It is a new, environmental friendly, and safe cutting method used in oil (or natural gas) tubes, steel materials cutting.