Latest Evolvement On Bauxite And Fused Alumina

- Nov 01, 2018-

This is the first day of November. In China, It signals the policy diversion toward a contraction of yielding, namely, a suppression against the productivity of industries like mining, metallurgy, Chemical ..., etc, will be implemented,  which aims to mitigate the air pollution during a winter.
The mandated measure of slashing production is re-deployed annually since a decade ago when the PM2.5 was recognized as the main pollutant of bad atmosphere.

As to the concerning industries like refractories and abrasives, those had suffered months downtime due to the environmental inspection and the material shortage. There would be no window time to revive. Because the similar scenario already showed up again.  
Supply from China was and will be, borne by inventories that factories made before August, those could not guarantee a sustainable supply till probably next March when the restriction hopefully will be loosened. 
Diversifying source always is a way to cope with such an unsteady market.