Main Area Producing Bauxite And Alumina Abrasives Experiences Unprecedented A Year-long Harsh Supervision To Restore Blue Sky

- Jun 12, 2018-

Since last year, local governments have jointly built the inspection team to carry out the so-called "blue sky movement", rendered by supreme leaders, the movement targets on most private enterprises featured with high energy consumption, dust pollution.

Along the Yellow Riverside in Shanxi and Henan provinces, lies the top-quality bauxite mine, most suitable for abrasives and refractories, accordingly, dozens of furnace erect in those counties who are near to the region of good raw materials.

With the growth of environmental investments and shifting of harsh regulation, the infamous pan-Beijing pollution belt achieved better air quality than past years. In contrary, dust atmosphere was getting worse in those counties during near past years. The situation draws inevitable attention from environmental protection agent. Regular and frequent inspection become a mandated measure.

Considering the area contributes more than 50% of the total to the domestic output of refractories and abrasives, measures to reduce or eliminate pollution have called for a suspension or termination for all plants surely would affect domestic fused alumina and sintered alumina supply remarkably. Since Jan 2018, the ex-works price ramped up gradually reaching 5250 RMB/MT for fixed furnace BFA and 5400 RMB/MT for tilting furnace BFA, White Alumina hit 6300 RMB/MT lately.

The Blue Sky Movement will last to 28 April 2019 as per the latest announcement, seems most plants get no chance to advantage in this situation. The anticipation that bauxites and alumina abrasives will keep floating high is realistic.