Market Review On China Refractory Raw Materials In September

- Oct 17, 2018-

Market review on China refractory raw materials in September


In September, the bulk refractory raw materials market showed a rising trend month-on-month, and continued a decline in steadily year-on-year. The bauxite producers were under production suspension for large-scale rectified and furnace updating, making the price trend unclear, and the main problem has become the supply instead of price growth; Magnesia market has finally ushered in the dawn of the mine integration by local government; flake graphite was temporarily stable, but the coming winter brings more uncertainties to the price trend; Various news about silicon carbide flew, but stability was still the theme in Sep; WFA risen up sharply against soaring industrial alumina; brown fused alumina continued upwards in price with unclear winter. The action plan for air pollution comprehensive management in Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei 2018-2019was released stresses that peak hour production restriction will not one size fits all. The refractory raw material price index (RMPI) was 233.63, +0.48% year-on-year, -3.59% month-on-month.