Partial Bulk Commodities Price In May

- Jun 12, 2018-

In May, the bulk of refractory raw materials market experienced the moderate price rise in chain relative ratio, and the year-on-year increase rate fells. 

The price of magnesia was staggered, and unguaranteed-content-magnesia dropped due to quality problems.

The price of bauxite kept steady, and the volume of shipments in the market was Decline. high-cost uphold the price of bauxite carrying forward.

 Flake graphite price is stable at a reduced price, supply is improving, the resurgent capability of productibility is increasing.

Silicon carbide prices into the stabilizing situation, regarding the direction of price adjustment, industry opinions maintain differences.

Alumina prices experienced soaring to descending, factors that cultivated price rising getting moderate, but the decreased stockpile expected to prevent price continuing to fall in the late market.