Pay Attention To Great Chinese Events Of Possiblly Hindering The Steady Supply Of Abrasive Alumina

- Aug 21, 2019-

    Pay Attention to Upcoming Great Events of possibly Hindering the Steady Supply of Abrasive Alumina

                                                                                                [ 21 08, 2019]


       As of August entering its last week, many European businessmen have come back from the leisurely summer holiday. The second half-year plan will be laid out, prior to the plan, a study for market context definitely needed, so, what has been going on lately? 

         Well, environmental measures become very tight in the majority BFA producing area.

         However, those 2 upcoming events have outstanding significance.

                The national ethnic minority sports game will be held in Zhengzhou between 08 09,2019 and 16 09, 2019.

                 Zhengzhou is the dominated producing area for white fused alumina. It is also a communicative hub for land transportation and rail transportation. So WFA production and shipping might get affected by the national game.  

                 If the game organizer pursues a better air quality for this national game, brown fused alumina production might get hit too.

                 The brown fused alumina is mainly produced by many mid-small enterprises not far from Zhengzhou; those enterprises are co-located in the Central China area of Yellow River drainage, for the banks of Yellow River provide quality bauxite featuring hi-alum and lo-silica, where has been experiencing severe and constant environmental measures, such as surprising inspection and power shut.

               The 70th birthday of the People's Republic of China.

                  Surely this event will pursue a better air quality in the area,  the scope may extend for radius 100+ Km? 

                  Maybe Chemical materials won't be allowed to transport by land.