Sandblasting Grit--Brown Fused Aluminum Oxide

- May 26, 2017-

Sandblasting Grit--Brown Fused Aluminum Oxide

Brown fused aluminum oxide, (brown fused alumina, brown aluminum oxide, synthetic corundum) is electro-fused corundum with 95% alumina content. Brown fused alumina we supply is widely used in surface sandblasting, shot blasting and precision polishing.

Main Futures of Yannuo Blasting Brown Fused Alumina

1. High hardness features(Mosh hardness 9)

2. Good particle size grain

3. Sharpe edges

4. Reused blasting abrasive grit

5. High purity and low dust

6. Available in grade 95% Al2o3, 90% Al2o3 and 85% Al2o3.

7. High strength and resistance