Second Round Environmental Protection Inpection Has Been Started

- Aug 31, 2018-

          Inspective teams have been established again since Aug. 20 to conduct a thorough Environmental protection inspection in the pan-capital area, the Fen-Wei plain area, and the triangle Changjiang drainage area. It is expected the inspection will last through the coming fall and winter.

          Even under an economic pressure of the trade war, China firmly carries the Environmental protection forward, despite the action will inevitably affect the industrial activities, in a parallel way with the waste-importing ban and the environmental tax. The Chinese government shows the standpoint, China will no longer advance its economy at the expense of environmental pollution and energy waste. 

          As a critical part of the world supply chain, China's stance might ripple the international market, ratchet up many commodities.  Take an exceptional example of abrasive grade bauxite, China holds 85% of the total supply. As a result of environmental protection measures, the supply of calcined bauxite keeps cutting down during the past quarter, followingly, the periodical halt of abrasives manufacturing occurred. Under the circumstance of insufficient productivities, some abrasive producers tend to put products into inventory, for predicting the shortage of calcined bauxite will not ease for months. Overcapacity had been a serious issue for a rather long time, lately, an insufficiency also a hard issue.