Silicon Carbide Ceramic Main Role

- Mar 31, 2017-

1) for the production of silicon carbide ceramics abrasive: because of superhard properties of sic ceramics can be prepared into a variety of grinding wheels, Emery cloth, sand paper and abrasive, widely used in the machining industry.
2) production of refractory materials: abroad is greater than the number of silicon carbide used as a refractory material used as an abrasive, has been expanding in this area.
3) when making a deoxidizer in steelmaking usually use silicon deoxidation, modern development of silicon carbide instead of silicon as a reducing agent, making the steel quality is better and more economical.
4) military made of silicon carbide and other materials with combustion chambers and nozzles have been used in rocket technology.
5) in electrical and electrotechnical applications: using high thermal conductivity properties of sic ceramics and insulation as the IC substrate and packaging materials.
6) production of wear-resisting and high temperature: silicon carbide ceramics with high hardness, wear resistance, acid and alkali resistance properties, in machine industry, chemical industry, being used for the preparation of a new generation of mechanical seal material.