The Bauxite Supply In Market

- Nov 28, 2018 -

The Bauxite Supply in Market

In November, the market of shaft kiln bauxite lumps in Henan province shows a complicated situation with the starting of heating season in this winter, supporting the overall price at a high level.

Currently, it is not only the stoppage or production suspension, but also shortage of high purity bauxite ore is the main trouble that almost every producer is facing with.

Many buyers have to reduce their specification of bauxite in this winter, which has impacted the quality control. According to local producers, some of downstream users of bauxite have prevented their production from new exported orders so as to remain their good brand image to overall markets, leaving their only capacity to guarantee long term orders.

If the current situation keeps going forward, quality for both calcined bauxite and bauxite based refractories is likely to lose control in this winter.