The Demolition Work Of Enterprises In Yichuan Potable Water Source Started---Which Will Influence Local Brown Fused Alumina Plant

- May 15, 2019-

The Demolition Work of Enterprises in Yichuan Potable Water Source Started---Which will influence Local Brown Fused Alumina Plant

The demolition work of water source enterprises in Yichuan County started.

On April 28th, Yichuan County Environmental Protection Bureau issued a “Decision for Correction” to local brown fused alumina production enterprise who break the "Water Pollution Prevention and Control Law of the People's Republic of China" Article 65, paragraph 1 which claim "Prohibition of new construction, reconstruction, expansion that not related to water supply design and protection of water sources Construction projects in drinking water source primary protection zone; the completed construction projects that are not related to the water supply facilities and the protection of water sources shall be ordered to be dismantled or closed by the people's government at or above the county level."

It is reported that the brown fused alumina enterprises facing the risk of dismantling mentioned above are plenty in Yichuan. If strictly in accordance with local relevant policies and regulations, 70% of the production capacity of brown fused alumina industry in Yichuan area may be affected, and may even cause damage to the large-scale development of the local brown fused alumina industry.


In addition, local people said that the local brown fused alumina industrial park was built in 2000, and the water plant was built around 2008, later than the brown fused industrial park. At present, another focus of concern for enterprises is that if the demolition work progresses smoothly, will the local government have corresponding compensation and resettlement plans for the relevant enterprises in the park.