The Market Review Of Brown Fused Alumina Supply In September

- Oct 09, 2019-

The Market Review of Brown Fused Alumina Supply in September

In September, the market supply off brown fused alumina keep stable, but the orders are less than the previous month.


In Henan Province, the BFA market was influenced by Traditional Sports Meeting for Ethnic Minorities, most of BFA plant in Zhengzhou and Luoyangwas under environmental inspections and plant closures. After the Sport Meeting, the go9vernment issued first orange alert in heavy air pollution in this year. The BFA plant were ordered to cut 50% production in Sanmenxia, Zhengzhou and Luoyang, which is the main production base of brown fused alumina in Henan province.

Now, the brown fused alumina plant mainly face two problem. Firstly, the The raw material calcined bauxite price keep in high level, the supply in shortage, and quality are not better. Also the raw material price in a high level, the BFA price still not increased which leave less profit margin for Brown fused alumina manufacturer. Secondly, the continuing threat of environmental inspections and plant closures raise the production cost, this is very common situation appears in Henan Province. And the market demand of brown fused alumina in abrasive and refractory grade is relatively week.