The Operation Rate Of Corundum Plant In Yichuan

- Sep 10, 2018-

The Operation Rate of Corundum Plant in Yichuan 

Affected by environmental inspections, the corundum production in Yichuan area has been decreased, and the operating rate has been significantly reduced.

In August, the local raw materials supply were still tense, and the price remained high. The 85% Alumina bauxite purchased buy corundum plant was raised to 1900-2000RMB/Ton, and they were not available in storage. Some manufacturers have switched to purchase raw bauxite material in other regions, and the price is also very high.

From the 20th of August, the provincial environmental protection team came to Luoyang to conduct environmental supervision. Affected by this, few plant start the corundum production. It is understood that local environmental protection equipment has been basically installed, but in view of the shortage of raw materials, local corundum production enterprises still have to reduce the operating rate, and some manufacturers have difficulty in completing orders in advance.

At present, there are no specific standards for environmental inspection.There is no specific normative regulation. Local enterprises are looking forward to the specific rectification standards for the corundum industry.