Updates In The Abrasive Industry

- Sep 13, 2018-

   # Phenolic resin price keeps rising in the domestic market at a fast pace, the price has fluctuated wildly in the last few months.
      # Many calcined bauxite kilns were under upgrade, abrasive grade bauxites(purity above 86%) is in a shortage run.
      # Around 30%  of total electro corundum arc furnaces in China halted due to lack of calcined bauxite, inventories are quickly spending out, a shortage is emerging.
      # White fused alumina price is climbing up in coastal provinces.
 As a concerned participator, we are always paying attention to all subtle changes in the market, supply and quotation updates related to upstream and downstream are deliberately noticed to ensure we are perceptive.
      We hope the information and the tendency we learned could assist our valuable friends to grasp the essence of the market trend.
      The dominated factor influencing the price of many materials is the Environmental Policy in China. China has an over-capacity problem, however, a sweeping inspection rewrites the issue, made majority capacity unavailable. Similar moves were made by governments in steel and coal industries from 2016 to 2017,  a red line was drawn to regulate capacity and energy efficiency, consequently shut down some small plants, as well as supported the product price.