What's The Applications Of Abrasive Grain

- Nov 21, 2017-

What's The Applications of Abrasive Grain

Abrasive is a kind of very important industrial raw materials, mold performance depends mainly on the types of abrasive, the common abrasive mainly include brown fused alumina, white corundum, black corundum, silicon carbide, etc., different abrasive mold made of different  abrasive have different performance characteristics, they are suitable for different fields of application , following i will introduce applications of common abrasives for you.

Applications of common abrasivesⅠ

Brown corundum is a sort of common abrasive, corundum grinding wheel is suitable for grinding high tensile strength metal materials such as chrome steel, high speed steel, nickel chrome steel. Brown corundum grinding head is widely used in ordinary steel coarse grinding, Second grade brown fused aluminum oxide products are commonly used for grinding rice wheel, resin cutting wheel, sand tile, emery cloth, sandpaper and so on. This material wheel price is relatively low, the use of economy.

Applications of common abrasives II

 The toughness of white fused alumina abrasive grit is slightly lower than that of brown corundum, white corundum abrasive grinding process in the grinding abrasive easier to form a new blade, so the heat is very small, to avoid the phenomenon of local annealing part. This wheel is suitable for processing tap thread, gauge, etc., or the thickness of thin and easy to burn the workpiece, in general fine grinding or large grinding area should choose white aluminum oxide abrasive grinding wheel. But its high cost, coarse grinding usually do not choose.

Applications of common abrasives III

Black silicon carbide because of its high hardness and crisp, suitable for processing low tensile strength of the material, such as gray cast iron, white cast iron, bronze, brass castings and leather, ores, bone, glass, ceramics and other Non-metallic materials.

Applications of common abrasives IV

Green silicon carbide and black silicon carbide performance is not very different. green silicon carbide is more brittle, generally do carbide cutting tool grinding and grinding broaches, reamers used, or grinding tungsten cobalt-titanium alloy used.

Abrasive grain size

Grinding wheel in the grinding process, in conditions of other factors fixed, the abrasive particle size has a direct impact on the workpiece surface quality , with coarse-grained workpiece surface roughness, but the production efficiency is higher, fine-grained is the opposite. Grinding material is hard and brittle, close organization is appropriate to use fine-grained abrasive; thin workpiece or thin-walled cylindrical workpiece, in the grinding of the grinding material, When easy to heat, the application of coarse-grained abrasive.