Whether Pink Fused Alumina Can Replace Brown Fused Alumina?

- Dec 22, 2017-

Whether Pink Fused Alumina can Replace Brown Fused Alumina?

Recently, refractories enterprises reflect that they can use pink fused alumina to replace brown fused alumina. They found that pink fused alumina can be used in the production of iron ditch or ladle pouring material, so the pink fused alumina can entirely replace brown fused alumina? Reporters interviewed 10 enterprises this week.

In the sampling survey of 10 enterprises, nine of them were not considered using pink fused alumina instead of brown fused alumina. Only one considered the alternative, but the product enterprise eventually chose brown fused alumina after testing.

The main reason has two points in the following:

Firstly, pink fused alumina doesn’t have the price advantage due to the cost, and with the market as a whole under the background of the downturn, refractories enterprises’ first priority is saving the production cost;

Secondly, in the aspect of effects, the enterprise thinks that using pink fused alumina instead of brown fused alumina doesn’t not achieve the desired effect after the test. What’s more, using pink fused alumina also need a large number of trials and process improvement, and the test cost is too high, and it also costs too much energy.

Based on the above mentioned reasons, journalists believe that the timing is not mature enough that using pink fused alumina replaces brown fused alumina. If some production enterprises of pink fused alumina want to develop iron ditch or ladle pouring material market, they should have more improvement in terms of its process and reduce the production cost so as to reduce the selling price to adapt to the current market demand.