White Fused Alumina Abrasive Grit

- Dec 22, 2017-

White Fused Alumina Abrasive Grit

White fused alumina abrasive is aluminum oxide powder as which made by fused smelting. Its hardness is slightly higher than that of brown aluminum oxide, its toughness is slightly lower, its purity is high, its self-sharpness is good, its grinding ability is strong, its heat capacity is small, high efficiency, acid and alkali corrosion resistance, high temperature and heat stability. With its abrasive, suitable for grinding high-carbon steel, high-speed steel, stainless steel and so on. It is also widely used in precision casting, steel refractory, chemical refractory, 95 porcelain, porcelain and other decorative porcelain and daily life with porcelain, and military, electronics and other high-tech industries.

Applications of white fused alumina

Sandblasting materials are mainly used in surface processing, landscaping processing, etching processing, pre-processing, burr processing, stress relief processing, electronic parts processing, mold processing, large work processing, glass processing. White corundum abrasive can be used for consolidation and coating complex abrasive, wet or dry jet sand, suitable for crystal, the electronics industry, ultra-precision grinding and polishing and production of advanced refractory materials. Suitable for processing hardened steel, alloy steel, high speed steel, high carbon steel and other hardness, tensile strength of the larger material. 

Index of white fused alumina

Chemical indicators 

physical indicators



Knoop hardness




Moh’s hardness




Bulk density




true density


Used for refractory materials  8-5 mm, 5-3 mm, 3-1 mm, 1-0 mm, etc.

Used for abrasive grit 24#、36#、46#、60#、80#、100#、120#、150#、180#

Used for polishing, powder used for precision casting and special ceramic  W63 W54 W50 W40 W28 W20 W14 W10 W7 W5 W3.5 W2.5 W1.5 W1 W0.5